“Bulgaria? Why read about Bulgaria?”Front Cover, A Breeze in Bulgaria
The book tells a heartwarming love story that could happen nowhere else in the world. Life is tough there, but full of opportunity in exciting times of change.

“Life is tough? Ha! Tell me something new.”

It’s tough in ways you never thought of. Big changes going on, political and economic tumult. The economy rides precariously on the backs of grannies selling vegetables from card tables. Democracy too, still struggles to find its feet. It’s all in the book. Being a part of all that, in a faraway place separated from friends and family, was a rich and fulfilling experience.

“Living Abroad is no big deal…”

Sure, there are strange customs, unfamiliar assumptions and ways of thinking. There’s austerity and living close to the earth. But really the story is about people. Warm-hearted, generous, curious, practical people, the kind you like to sit and visit with, and talk heart-to-heart. Wherever that happens in the world, the world is made a better place.

“OK then, but where’s the love part?”

The U.S. Peace Corps volunteers at the heart of the story learned to love Bulgaria and its people. That’s just a part of it though. Their own story had a dramatic turn of events, one that showed them what love is made of.

So, Why Bulgaria? Because that’s where the story happened. Along the way you will learn about a precious piece of heaven found here on earth.

A Breeze in Bulgaria is available in print or as an eBook.

Historical location Assenova, Bulgaria Horse-drawn carts are still a common sight in Bulgaria. This one is in Panagyurishte. Bulgaria, winter: stork's nest waiting for spring Bulgaria, Roman amphitheater in Plovdiv. Plovdiv was known as Philippopolis in the Byzantine era.