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  • You can buy A Breeze in Bulgaria as an e-Book from any of these online stores:
    A Breeze in Bulgaria
  • Kindle, iPad. Free sample download and “Look Inside” preview.
  • Apple iBooks iPad, iPhone. Open the iBooks app on your device and click on “Store,” search for A Breeze in Bulgaria and purchase with your Apple ID.
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK, iPad. Free sample.*
  • Google Books Web, tablet, eReader, smartphone, and (new!) Audiobook.
  • Kobo Books Kobo Reader, or other platforms with free app.**

The online stores all have free apps for reading on iPad, iPod, smartphone or computer. If you must have the book in real paper, click here for info.

* NOOK users — Our Barnes and Noble listing includes the free “Read in Store” feature as well as the lending program, downloadable free samples, and eGifting. And if you don’t have a NOOK but prefer B&N over other sources, you can download the free NOOK app on your iPad, iPod, smartphone or computer.

** Here are some free coupons for Kobo. They vary from time to time but you may be able to save on Kobo books and the Kobo Reader itself.