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You can buy A Breeze in Bulgaria from any of these online stores:
A Breeze in Bulgaria

  • Amazon e-book or (new!) audiobook. Free sample excerpts and (e-book) “Look Inside” preview.
  • Apple iBooks e-book or (new!) audiobook. On your Apple device in the Books app, click on “Book Store” and search for A Breeze in Bulgaria. 
  • Audible (new!) audiobook.
  • Barnes & Noble e-book for NOOK, iPad. Free sample.*
  • Google Books e-book for Web, tablet, eReader, or (new!) audiobook.
  • Kobo Books e-book for Kobo Reader, or other platforms with free Kobo app.**  Denver’s Tattered Cover bookstores offer the e-book through Kobo as well.

The online stores all have free apps for reading on iPad, smartphone, or computer. If you must have the book in real paper, click here for info.

* NOOK users — Our Barnes and Noble listing includes the free “Read in Store” feature as well as the lending program, downloadable free samples, and eGifting. And if you don’t have a NOOK but prefer B&N over other sources, you can download the free NOOK app on your iPad, iPod, smartphone or computer.

** Here are some free coupons for Kobo. They vary from time to time but you may be able to save on Kobo books and the Kobo Reader itself.