(Maybe) get the paper book

This page is about the print edition, which has finished its run.

There may be some used copies available. To check on Amazon, take a look:    Amazon

Resellers are not connected with the publisher or author. They do their own thing, and prices vary widely. 

If you are looking for the eBook, no problem. Look here.

The book is paperback, 6″ x 9″ 343 pages, 38 color photographs. ISBN: 9781611563221. It is also available as an e-Book.*

* Even if you really like real paper (who doesn’t?) and don’t have an e-reader, did you know you can read an e-book with a smartphone, laptop or desk computer, or tablet device? They have FREE apps for that. If it seems daunting, contact me to ask how. bruce@bulgariastories.com