Glorious Color

A friend told me she would like to see the pictures from A Breeze in Bulgaria in color. Her original-issue NOOK only showed her the images in grayscale, even though the paper book and newer e-readers show full color. That hardly seems fair, since I’m so proud of my pictures and chose them with such care to help tell my Bulgaria Stories.

My digital camera, in Bulgaria in 2002-2004, was quite a novelty. It served as a great conversation starter and a means of exchanging stories. People would sometimes ask how many pictures I had taken. I was pretty shy about telling, since the assumed frame of reference was rolls of film where it would cost the price of a few lunches to get 20 or 36 prints. Hundreds of pictures would seem like a spendthrift’s extravagance in those mostly-pre-digital days. Now it can be told, and of course we’re all more blasé about digital pics; they accumulate like autumn leaves. I have almost 5,000 pictures from my time in Bulgaria! Anybody for a full slideshow? We’ll get together sometime when you have a few days.

If that’s too much to fit into your schedule, how about just the pictures in the book, like my friend asked about? Here you go, Linda… Breeze Pictures. Now you can see the pictures in glorious color, just like the “paper” book readers and the owners of those fancy new iPads, Kindles and new-gen NOOKS!

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