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Before we get too far, let me give you a heads-up: the capital of Bulgaria is the city of Sofia (SO-f’ya). There is a girl’s name that sounds similar, but she’s Sofia (So-FEE-ya). Both are mentioned in A Breeze in Bulgaria, and the pronunciation difference as well, but I thought a short refresher might be good. Both the city Sofia and a woman named Sofia are also in my friend Ellis Shuman’s book, Valley of Thracians.

Speaking of Ellis, and speaking of Sofia, here we have a connection. Everything, you will recall, depends on connections. Ellis recently wrote an article about the capital city, “Exploring Sofia, Bulgaria for Less than $25.” It’s an excellent guide to a fascinating city. His experiences living in Sofia for two years gave him not only the background for his exciting novel but also the makings of a concise travel guide for the Sofia-bound traveler. He covers insider taxi information, the tourist attractions of most interest to visitors, restaurants featuring local specialties as well as meals offering comfort to western tastes, nightlife, and places to stay — all on the cheap.

Ellis’ article is well-researched and up-to-date, which tells me prices have gone up a lot since Stormy and I were in Bulgaria for our U.S. Peace Corps assignment. Still, compared with most of the rest of Europe, and compared with living and traveling in the USA, Bulgaria is a travel bargain. Its people are welcoming, curious, involved, friendly, and real. Reading books and articles about the place is interesting enough (and why yes, I do have a recommendation or two), but it’s quite another thing to get up and go. You have to be there to really know what a wonderful place it is.

5 thoughts on “All About Sofia

    • I know you’ll enjoy your stay! With an open mind and a sense of adventure like yours, you’ll have a terrific time. I hope you’ll check back in here and tell us about it.

  1. Bruce, I completely agree with your statement that “You have to be there to really know what a wonderful place it is.” I am a Bulgarian, who has grown up and still lives in the US. However, I have carefully guarded and nurtured my strong connection with my home city of Sofia and Bulgaria as a whole. This summer, I am bringing my friends from all over the world to celebrate my husband’s and I Bulgarian wedding and to experience Bulgaria for themselves. I know they will have a blast!

    • Thanks, Gerry! I wish you all the best for a terrific celebration. Your guests will surely have the advantage of an expert and interesting guide, from what I see in your enthusiastic article about what the city has to offer. Reading it brought back many wonderful memories for me. Have a great time!

      • Thank you for the kind words and the warm wishes Bruce. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed my writeup on Sofia and am even happier to know that you keep wonderful memories of her. 🙂

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