84 Reasons to Love Bulgaria

I found this delightful article just as we are starting to plan a return trip to visit friends and family in Bulgaria. I sincerely admire the writer’s love of her home! Her guideline in life and writing is a great example to follow — it’s “about finding the perfect balance in life – travel regularly, appreciate your home, work with passion, become your better self.” In this article, she writes for her fellow Bulgarians as well as for visitors…

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84 reasons to love Bulgaria

Every time I travel abroad I realize how much I love Bulgaria. Our country is gorgeous! We often don’t see it or take whatever we have as granted. We also like to compare ourselves to others. And I know it’s easier to point out the bad things, but let’s do the opposite instead.

Let’s think about the good things that warm our Bulgarian hearts even when we are far away, and which impress the adventurous foreign travelers when visiting our country. Because… Bulgaria is gorgeous and here are 84 reasons to love it!


84 reasons to love Bulgaria

1. Bulgarian women are crazy beautiful. They are often tall, with pale skin, dark hair, and blue or green eyes. More than once they have been ranked among the most (or THE MOST) beautiful in the world

2. For that reason Bulgarian men are the luckiest 😉 They spend every day …

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9 thoughts on “84 Reasons to Love Bulgaria

  1. Sigh. I’m confused now. Is everything in the center YOURS (Bruce) and does everything on the right side with the 84 reasons to love Bulgaria photos belong to the Bulgarian woman?
    I don’t know how to customize the photo. Just imagine a wonderful looking woman with all colors of hair and who loves cats.

    • Hm. On the left/main/center panel I wrote a short introduction and then reproduced the opening parts of an article (written by 99lives) that I admired enough to share. Following that opening snippet of the shared article there is a link to where you can read the rest of it. The stuff on the right includes some confusing things, I guess — links to old articles, other sites, and even back to this page. Just never mind all that. I don’t know anything about customizing photos, but the picture that comes to mind makes me smile. Wonderful, not just wonderful looking.

    • Thank you for reading! I was glad to find such a happy, fun and positive article to share, taking a break from the war-and-refugees streak I was stuck on for most of last year. I’m delighted that you liked the article and pictures.

  2. Great article! I had to smile about the “love of family”. Our Ivan, at work and his talk of his family, so warm and loving….His father also works for NAPA, and i get the pleasure of speaking with him sometimes. He is a lovely man, also! But, I don’t think this is exclusive to Bulgarians…I felt the same warmth and love of family in Germany. But then we have that here, too!
    Thanks for the beautiful article.

    • We’ll be going in October, in time for the fall color changes, late season harvests, and everyone stepping up the traditional and vital winter survival preparations. We’re looking forward to it with a lot of excitement, mixed in with a little trepidation about dealing with our rusty language abilities. And hey, I should have mentioned, I thought of an 85th reason that was in effect when we were all there with the Peace Corps, or maybe I should call it Reason № 1a. The Peace Corps Volunteer Women who come to Bulgaria are crazy beautiful. And they make the best, most interesting, adventurous and fun lifetime friends ever.

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