Deja Vu

Late March, late in the evening, and there are snowflakes in the air. Colorado is nice that way, keeping us on our toes with frequent changes. It’s a theme I have taken up before. In fact it was about this time last year. What has changed since then? I think we have been here before.

There are flurries, too, of anxiety in the air. Have we been here before? Those who like our new president are feeling that he is being unfairly criticized, denigrated, hounded, and attacked. Those who don’t like him are feeling angry at every move he makes, and talking about impeachment, profligacy, arrogance — even treason. If I go back eight years and use exactly the same words, with only a different name standing as “our new president,” it is remarkable how the feelings were every bit as vehement, but held by the opposite parties. More than remarkable. The same. We’ve been here before. We are always here.

peace craneAt my church many people have been drawn in to a project of folding origami “peace cranes.” Paper cranes are a symbol of peace and hope. Over a period of two months, a total of 33,215 of the paper birds have been folded and strung together in a massive display. The number represents the number of gun deaths last year in the United States. Doing the origami has been almost a meditative act for some, and a lively social interaction for others. How many people need to turn their thoughts to peace before it makes a difference? Again, I think we have had this thought before. It was about this time last year. Maybe you have read it before. I am thinking of it again, realizing that the world I live in is the world of my choosing. It was the story of a little bird called a coalmouse on a snowy night. Not much of a story, really Nothing More Than Nothing…



7 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. Oh, my, how I remember those days in Denver. One day in early September, I was gardening, tending the irises. The day was sunny and beautiful. As the day wore on, the clouds gathered, but I kept going, until the snow started falling, and I was chilled to the bone. I caught a cold, but “they say” that the cold weather couldn’t have caused it. No? Love to Stormy.

    • Love back to you! Our snow this time turned out to be no more than a sniffle’s worth. It looked pretty falling last night though. With signs of spring all around, this little dusting will be gone by mid-morning. Wishing you good health first, and all the good that flows from that.

  2. Yes, we think everything has changed, but has it? Thanks, for the lovely words. I strive everyday to be mindful of my thought and actions…Some days are better then others….I believe that means I’m human and growing……P.S. I have just a “frosting” of snow, in places. One never knows about our wonderful weather!

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I’m grateful to know you and I value being in your life, even though you admit to being only human. I know some other humans too, but you’re one of the best!

  3. I appreciate how recognizing that different people share similar emotions can serve the purpose of bringing people together by highlighting that they are are all human. This alone however only skirts the very real and meaningful differences in worldviews that are the reason for these same emotions. When I ask “what it is exactly about the president that makes you feel the way you do” it is clear to me that the conflict is over boundaries: can those different worldviews coexist if each one claims to be universal (i.e. wants to impose itself onto everyone else), can there be a shared public sphere, if we could carve out separate private spaces for each worldview community?

    • I wonder if someone has an answer. I don’t think the dove in the story, expressing a wistful desire for peace, was going to fly off and impose it on everyone else. But even if that were her intent, there is room for disagreement not only on the validity of the worldview but its methods. The pacifist, the appeaser, the gun-wielding old-West sheriff, and the nuclear-armed strategic bomber deterrent force all want peace. No worldview can legitimately claim to be universal, can it? Or maybe that’s just what you are pointing out. Thank you for reading and especially for your insightful reply, Bright D, and I’m glad to be in touch.

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