California fires raged
With thousands dispossessed.
Heroic firefighters gave
Their all to save the rest.

Notre Dame Cathedral burned
The spire flared and fell
Smoke and flames made heaven cry
But made them smile in hell.

737 Max
An aviation wonder
Until it twice dove to the ground
346 are under.

As shots rang out in churches,
People shrieked in pain.
In synagogues and mosques alike,
The anguish was the same.

At Walmart in El Paso,
Twenty-two are dead.
Then a dreary bar in Dayton,
Again the news we dread.

Mueller turned his homework in
But left indictments open.
No collusion proven here!
Just like old Trump was hopin’.

And then the Congress held debates
All cynical and jaded.
“He’s impeached!” the Speaker said
And then she sat and waited.

Nothing changes, nothing’s good
If news is all you’re knowing
And all the while the world goes by
With goodness overflowing.

So here’s a toast to old 19,
It put us to the test.
And here’s a hope for 20-new
That we will see the best.

6 thoughts on “2019

    • Wonderful article; thanks for sharing it. I also appreciated the discussion between the readers who commented on it and Kristof himself. A good reminder of the importance of perspective, and that if we get overwhelmed by all the depressing news, we just have to look to see that “the world goes by with goodness overflowing.”

  1. Thanks Bruce, we needed that! we just had the most magnificent time with my two nieces and their families who were here to ski along with our daughter, her husband and our 3 grandchildren. It was crowded around our table every night for food followed by extended talking and laughing. HOW LUCKY WE ARE! Yes, we have wondered about the lack of good news…every day seems more foreboding. Thanks for your wonderful perspective as always! Julie 🤗& Jerry

  2. Powerful words, Bruce, and true. I hope that especially in the coming week we all get a good dose of ‘goodness overflowing.’

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